Copyrights protect the “works” of authors. Copyrights protect the particular expression of an idea, in virtually any form. Copyrighted material may appear in text form, or as graphics, fine art, music, the performance arts, or in any other original form. Copyrights currently last for the life of the author, and for an additional 70 years after the author’s death.

Fraser Clemens Martin & Miller LLC counsels clients in matters pertaining to copyrights. Our clients range from individuals and small entities to large corporations. The firm is able to assist clients with all aspects of copyright law, including copyright registrations, licensing, and copyright infringement matters.

Our experience enables us to represent individual authors working in virtually any indistry, including in the arts, advertising, apparel, retail, consumer products, electronics, software, gaming, entertainment, publishing, new media, telecommunications, consulting, real estate, insurance, accounting, finance, and investment banking. The firm’s attorneys have handled copyright claims in the federal courts and before arbitration panels, and have also assisted clients in resolving copyright disputes short of litigation.