Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing

Most people and companies develop intellectual property for one basic reason – to make a profit.  One way to commercialize intellectual property, such as a patented invention or a copyrighted work, is to license others to produce and sell the invention or the work in exchange for a royalty to the owner of the patent or work. Alternatively, clients may wish to enter into a license with another person or company to obtain the rights to practice an invention or to distribute a work.

Fraser Clemens Martin & Miller LLC frequently assists clients who wish to license their technology and know-how, or to obtain rights under licenses from others. Licensing enables intellectual property holders to reap the revenue benefits of commercializing intellectual property without the requirement of creating production, marketing, and distribution infrastructures on their own.

The firm can also assist with audits of intellectual property portfolios to evaluate the validity and marketability of the patents, trademarks, and other intangible assets of clients. Our attorneys can assist clients as they develop or implement strategies for commercializing IP through licensing and joint venture transactions.

Whether a company is licensing rights to others or from others, the firm can provide assistance. Our attorneys are familiar with license and joint venture agreements and are available to lend expertise in the patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and technology areas to help meet clients’ objectives.